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I've experienced homology in frog dissections. The internal structure of the frog was similar to the internal structure of the human body. Dissections were performed live and virtually. The live dissection of the frog allowed me to gain a true understanding of the organ systems compared to a virtual dissection done on the computer. Compound Action Potential of the Frog Sciatic Nerve In this experiment, you will stimulate the frog's sciatic nerve, activating a large number of individual nerve fibres simultaneously, and record the resulting aggregate electrical activity, i.e., the Compound Action Potential (CAP).

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Comparative anatomy is based on comparisons of the anatomical structures among species. Through the study of comparative anatomy, a recognized scientific study since the 17th century, scientists have been able to gather evidence about the evolution and relatedness of organisms.

Frog Respiration The frog has three respiratory surfaces on its body that it uses to exchange gas with the surroundings: the skin, in the lungs and on the lining of the mouth. Frog Dissection Guide Purpose preserved frog, dissecting tray, dissecting microscope, pins, blunt and sharp ... When finished with your dissection, dispose of your frog in the special biobags ... Poison Dart Frogs | National Geographic

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BIOLOGY JUNCTION DISSECTIONS. BIO200Buffalo Dissections. Orange Coast College Zoology Review. Colorado State dissections. Virtual dissections. Cow eye dissection. Cow reproductive tract. Virtual Fetal pig dissection. Cat Anatomy tutorial. Sheep dissection guide. Virtual Fetal pig dissection. Biology Corner Fetal Pig links. Sheep heart Sheep ... Natural History And Anatomy Of The Frog - bartleby.com Natural History and Anatomy of the Frog Rana pipiens Taryn Murray 2/16/16 Research paper Mr. Hillman DEDICATION I dedicate this research paper to my parents, Kim and Theron Murray, my siblings, Krystin Murray, Tanner Daulton, Kimberly Murray, Madison Houser, and McKenna Murray. An old silent pond, A ... compare body systems of frog and human? | Yahoo Answers compare body systems of frog and human? compare internal anatomy of a frog with that of a human. compare and contrast the digestive, circulatory, excretory, reproductive, and respiratory systems between a human and frog. thank you for trying to help me! How is the Frog Digestive System Different from Humans ... Both frog and human digestive system bear mostly similar anatomy. However, the frog digestive system is different from humans in some aspects. In this article, you will learn how is the frog digestive system different from humans by a side-by-side comparison of the features of both.

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Frog Muscle Physiology Lab Report - The effects of stimulus ... View Lab Report - Frog Muscle Physiology Lab Report from BIO 212L at Quinnipiac University. The effects of stimulus voltage, stimulus frequency, and muscle lengths on isolated frog muscle